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Goods 14-05-2019 22:13

Fair point yet a similar situation is happening with buses purchased now that will no longer be acceptable in a few years time. Electrification could start now so that there is a phased introduction but instead itís further delay and poor planning with the commuter suffering.
These are concrete actions that can begin to make a difference including restarting the railway line project to Navan that has been put on ice.
Each progression is discussed at election time and then forgotten until the next canvas we are inept when it comes to transport planning.

Goods 17-06-2019 21:44

Greens give lead on railways

Traincustomer 17-06-2019 22:45

In my recollection the same party who basically didn't give a toss about letting Rosslare-Waterford be closed...

James Shields 18-06-2019 16:39

While I'm generally supportive of the Green Party, I think they have never showed much initiative when it comes to transport in this country. I think all of the projects on their list have been knocking around for years.

The only mention of Metro is Metro West. I don't think Metro North/MetroLink or whatever it's being called this week is by any means certain to go ahead.

Since this has been posted under Navan Rail, it's probably worth saying Navan Rail only gets one mention, in a list of bullet points.

Shame not to see more ideas.

Mark Gleeson 19-06-2019 09:33

Navan just isn't happening, the M3 made sure of that

The cost at 2004 prices was 465 million, not including trains, so you can imagine it to be upwards of 600 million by now. It doesn't wash.

iblinfotech1 29-07-2019 10:53

I have seen the full draft railway works order.:)

Goods 06-12-2019 23:00

Navan railway review advanced
Looks as if the reality of commuting into Dublin is recognized in govt and the review of the Navan railway corridor is timely. Itís a no brainer that this dormitory town should be linked by rail to Dublin. Just do it.

Goods 07-01-2020 19:24

Kingscourt railway reopen

Mark Gleeson 08-01-2020 09:35


Originally Posted by iblinfotech1 (Post 80014)
I have seen the full draft railway works order.:)

So have we, it was never published but was left on a table during a public consultation meeting, given it is now 10+ years a free document would need to be prepared.

The estimated cost was on the front page which they tried to hide very quickly when we took a photo.

James Shields 08-01-2020 14:37


Originally Posted by Goods (Post 80198)

I've walked along sections of the Kingscourt line, and it's pretty much intact, but heavily overgrown in a lot of places. It has quite a few level crossings, so they would need to be rebuilt and automated or converted to bridges. There's not much between Navan and Kingscourt, and the town of Kingscourt is pretty small, and the station is about a kilometre from the town centre. I doubt there is enough population in the area to support the line, and people from Cavan town would be more likely to drive to Edgeworthstown on a better road and getting a more frequent service than the Kingscourt line could ever support.

comcor 09-01-2020 16:48

Whatever about Navan, I'm guessing a reopening to Kingscourt only makes sense if the population of Kingscourt and Nobber surges into the 10K-15K range when they are currently around 2.5K and 1K respectively.

Now, considering what we have seen in Louth and Meath in the last few decades, that's not impossible, especially if they get designated as growth zones, but has anyone consulted with the locals on whether they would prefer the railway to remain shut or explosive population growth in their towns.

Traincustomer 11-01-2020 12:58

In the very unlikely event that the line to Kingscourt reopened I believe it would serve as a railhead for the broader area rather than just serving Nobber and Kingscourt per se.

Bailieborough (c. 2.7K), Carrickmacross (c. 5K) and Shercock (c. 600) are towns in the near vicinity to Kingscourt.

Of course thanks to the strike at the turn of this century the line ceased to carry freight which would have strengthened the case.

Small villages and hamlets along the route such as Wilkinstown and Castletown KP could be targeted for development but, as has been mentioned on this forum before, is this model of long distance commuting to Dublin sustainable?

Goods 30-01-2020 09:28

Navan railway link

The lobby meeting on reopening the railway infrastructure around Navan is long overdue. Such a network could never be built today this is a national asset that can be used to reduce traffic into Dublin and ease the lot of commuters who begin their train journey from M3 parkway station instead of Navan - just do it!

James Shields 30-01-2020 15:42

I hope this is successful, as I agree the situation on the M3 is unsustainable.

However, every long distince commuter railway is testamont to the failure of successive governments to bring sufficient employment and education opportunities to surrounding towns (as well as sufficient residential opportunities to Dublin).

We should be in a position where we are campaigning for a proper Metro network for Dublin and improvements to Intercity and Commuter services outside Dublin, not looking for connecting more dormatory towns where people can spend hours every day commuting to Dublin from.

Mark Gleeson 30-01-2020 16:42

Navan is about item 30 on a list of priorities

We can't get to Navan until after DART underground happens, isn't space in the city centre to take the demand

It would be 1200 boarding each AM based on IE's model

That said I would challenge the demand, I was one of only 23 on a bus last week leaving Dublin at 1810 for Navan...

dowlingm 30-01-2020 18:15


Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson (Post 80218)
Navan is about item 30 on a list of priorities

We can't get to Navan until after DART underground happens, isn't space in the city centre to take the demand

It would be 1200 boarding each AM based on IE's model

That said I would challenge the demand, I was one of only 23 on a bus last week leaving Dublin at 1810 for Navan...

Getting 50mph Tara traffic off the Belfast mainline (and allowing the Drogheda-Navan branch to be put into neglect and rustage) would be handy though, no?


Goods 30-01-2020 23:44

It would be great to think that there is actually a list of transport priorities. Experience shows us that policy decisions often respond to the strength of the lobby. Politically Navan railway line has become an issue mainly because it was planned that the M3 line would be extended to Navan and then the plan was dropped with so much more post 2008. Meanwhile motorway building continues apace despite the climate impact.
Dormitory towns are here to stay the model will not change its the same around the world you have bigger and bigger cities and the surrounding population are drawn to the centre. Railway is a good option

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