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CorkALVIN 18-06-2010 21:17

Standup Comedy/performance relating to Transport Issues!
Just a bit more to introduce myself to the Forum; as well as being involved in railway campaigns, such as for bike spaces on trains and reopening disused lines, I'm a (drag) cabaret artiste in my spare time, and I'm currently working on a surreal play set in an absurd setting of a cross between a hair salon and a railway yard/station. In addition, I am working on some crazy characters I play myself including a couple of railway/transport worker stereotypes, most notably a comical female train guard with the name: 'Whitney-Heuston-We-Have-A-Problem'.
I would be interested on any suggestions/opinions on how marketable such comedy might be in the Irish circuit; I was looking at taking a railway-themed cabaret as re. the above around some venues and events; BTW, I have already performed at several 'drag cabaret' events and venues in Ireland, but would the idea of a railway-themed cabaret have a wider appeal? I'm thinking along the Pat Shortt line of lampooning stereotyped characters, for instance, but some of my ideas are just so plain weird (such as the hair salon theme) that they will need a lot more explaining which is best left to a later stage if anyone shows genuine interest.
In addition, I was looking at organising a charity cabaret event in the Cork area in a couple of years time, possibly to raise money for the RNLI (Lifeboats), but I will come back later on with more details of this in due course.:eek:

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