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haddockman 14-03-2013 16:46

Fare to Limerick from Ballybrophy
How is the fare calculated between these two stations? Is it via the branch or via the junction line?

Are tickets valid via both routes or only one?

Colm Moore 14-03-2013 19:50

It seems to be calculated via Limerick Junction now.

Tickets should be valid via either route.

haddockman 16-03-2013 20:41

Right, it seems to have it's own unique system.

The fare quoted at the booking office is 17.50 day return valid either route.
The ticket checker on the branch train said the fare is only 6 on a Saturday. He told me to claim a refund. He even gave me the codes for the 6 fare.

Can you claim a refund if the booking office charges you too much?

Traincustomer 16-03-2013 21:59

Maybe the 6 is a promotional fare.

Incidentally a coach company who operate services on the parallel road corridor have a number of promotions including one on Saturdays only for young people.

haddockman 16-03-2013 22:05

Yes the 6 is a special Saturday only day return on the branch. Due to run for 3 weeks.

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