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ThomasJ 30-09-2009 10:37

[7/8-11-2009] Major works in connolly pearse area 7th and 8th of Nov?
There is something strange about November 7th and 8th

- Maynooth trains are terminating in Connolly Station

- Northside DARTs are terminating in Connolly Station

- Southside DARTs are terminating in Grand Canal Dock?

- Gorey/Rosslare services are terminating in Bray but there is one afternoon service from Gorey to Maynooth? is this a typo?

The details for the times state "runs on saturday 7 november only" and "runs on sunday 8 november only"

The southside DARTs terminating at GCD is a strange one? presume that is to do with works on the pearse sidings/GCD extra platform?

As for the work in the Connolly Pearse area, is there work happening in that area or is it to do with the pearse siding out of action for the works?

Any ideas?

Mark Gleeson 30-09-2009 10:44

I'd say you are on to something alright

Probably something going on at Pearse station to do with the works there at the moment

karlr42 30-09-2009 11:20

Probably the installation of the new crossover at GCD that's been promised for a while now.
I note it suddenly possible to terminate northbound DART services at GCD, whereas a few months back when the rail maintenance vehicle blocked the line at Pearse, they had to terminate further south?:rolleyes:

Mark Gleeson 30-09-2009 11:23

Sadly nothing to do with the works at Grand Canal Dock

Its either the works under Pearse station or the to do with the new signalling equipment

Its possible to terminate in Grand Canal Dock but its messy to achieve, as you have to use only the southbound platform.

ThomasJ 05-10-2009 16:16

That afternoon Gorey to Maynooth service that was showing up for the 7th November 2009 has now been removed from the online timetable.

Looks like all set for disruption for the 7th and 8th of November allright.

Still no mention though of bus transfers between Connolly and Bray for Gorey/Rosslare passengers?

Mark Gleeson 13-10-2009 14:30

Done some digging, there are major engineering works planned for Pearse Station on November 7th and 8th

It appears to be related to the works ongoing behind platform 1

ThomasJ 19-10-2009 14:44

Interesting that for Gorey/Rosslare passengers the trains will terminate at Bray on the 7th and the 8th.

Even more interesting that there is no mention of bus substitutions to connolly on those dates and that the only option is DART to Grand Canal Dock and probable Dublin bus onwards.

ThomasJ 31-10-2009 21:07

Have seen a notice on this at tara street tonight.

More or less what the notice states

- no services between connolly and grand canal dock
- tara street and pearse open for ticket purchases and customer service
-northside DARTs to and from Connolly only
-southside DARTs to and fromgrand canal dock only
-bus shuttle city centre to grand canal dock
-tickets affected by disruption will be accepted on shuttle buses

With regards to rosslare services. An express coach will operate between connolly and greystones. Note that as a result of the coach services, departure times from connolly will be 20 minutes earlier

paddyb180285 01-11-2009 11:18

Has this got anything to do with "The Interconnector"?

Mark Gleeson 01-11-2009 11:23


Mark Gleeson 03-11-2009 20:38

Finally IE admit in public

No services operating between Grand Canal and Connolly Stations this weekend 7th & 8th November by Corporate Communications

Due to essential engineering works on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2009, no services will operate between Grand Canal Dock and Connolly Stations.

Maynooth and Northside DART services from Malahide & Howth will operate to and from Connolly Station.

Southside DART services from Bray & Greystones will operate to and from Grand Canal Dock Station.

Rosslare line services will operate to and from Bray and a bus transfer will be in operation between Bray & Connolly stations.

A special shuttle bus service will operate between the city centre and Grand Canal Station for the duration of the works

Iarnród Éireann apologises for any inconvenience these essential works may cause

JamesK 03-11-2009 23:43

One thing that only becomes clear when one makes a schedule enquiry on the main IE website is that the 11.35 Connolly to Gorey and 14.48 return will not be operating at all on Saturday next. The 11.35 service tends to load well on Saturdays and it is therefore likely that there will be some disappointed customers turning up at Connolly expecting a bus transfer to Bray and train thereafter.

I guess that I am fortunate to have noticed in time that the train that I had intended to use has been cancelled.:(

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