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Rashers 07-10-2010 18:44

Delays to All Northern Suburban Trains for 12-13 Weeks
I noticed in the last few weeks that the 7.20 Dundalk to Bray service was arriving late into my local station (Skerries), and running late from there. It is often 10 minutes late by the time it reaches Bray. I also noted the previous Drogheda-Connolly service was also often delayed. In fact I noticed that all services Bray bound up to 10am were subject to delays, sometimes up to 20 mins in total.
I also noted that the 16.50 Bray-Drogheda service was delayed for the last 2 weeks on a near nightly basis, behind late running DARTs.

So I rang the Northern Suburban line customer care line. I spoke to a very helpful girl, who went and investigated and confirmed the following:
Approx. 3 weeks ago PW staff identified 'track' issues at 2 locations - just outside Laytown (which Mark referred to yesterday), and outside Drogheda. The 'Resources' team have indicated to will not be able to repair these till dates in early November and late November. As a result, a 'speed restriction' has been placed on all northbound Northern suburban services, which will lead to delays of 5-10 minutes to all such services for 12-13 weeks approx. including the 3 weeks of delays so far. Interestingly my delays are to southbound services, and services out of Bray, so I assume it is the natural 'knock-on' effects for me.

I asked why had there been no notices in stations, no driver announcements, no indication on overhead displays, no notice on the website, or no announcements on platforms (This was at least my experience from Skerries to Bray). She said the 'resources team' were thinking about putting up some posters (or maybe mention it on the website), but because they did not have a date for resolution they decided they'd better not say anything. What a complete load of !!!! :mad: Based on my feedback/frustration re the appalling treatment of their passengers, they will look into maybe informing their passengers.
While passengers north of Balbriggan may be getting plenty of information about the delays, the rest of us are kept in the dark.

Just wondering if anyone else is as frustrated as I am on hearing this. I think passenger communication within IE is just getting worse and worse with each week. :mad:

OisinDunne 11-10-2010 18:11

Have to say that "customers" North of Skerries (for me - Laytown) are just as much in the dark. No notices are in Laytown station and there is no sign of any work going on. Not even a red & white tape. :confused:

Rashers 12-10-2010 20:30

Due to a lot of problems with services this morning, I sought an update at the same time about what was going on re the track problems.
Here is where it gets interesting:
The track restriction around Drogheda will be corrected in November, as indicated last week.
However, the Laytown one at the bridge there is more complicated (involves the bridge span), and involves a project which will not begin till 2011. That is the bad news.
The good news is the speed restriction will improve in November from 10 to 20
Watch that space......They are still thinking about telling their passengers about these delays....
If anyone can get anymore firm facts around the impact of this, it would be much appreciated.

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