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Dublin13 30-01-2019 23:14

Irish Rail and Go-Ahead in times of Disruption
With this mornings disruption, Irish Rail put out a message saying that Dublin Bus were accepting tickets but made no announcement of whether Go-Ahead would be doing the same during the disruption.

I later found out that Go-Ahead were accepting tickets. Upon complaining to Irish Rail at Connolly this evening and asking if they will refund my fare I paid since I didn't think I could get it for free, they told me that Go-Ahead have nothing to do with them so it's not their place to say they are accepting tickets as they are a different company.

This is completely unacceptable and appears to be a case of Irish Rail trying to pretend that Go-Ahead do not exist because they are not a sister company. It does not benefit passengers at all and the NTA should force them to say when Go-Ahead are accepting tickets.

The whole thing just stinks of CIE politics being given a higher priority than assisting passengers in time of disruption.

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