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Thomas J Stamp 17-04-2012 10:27

Figures/messing around with timetables
on the week ending the 16th March there were 17 individual passengers on the branch line for the 5.05 am ex-limerick service.

yesterday I counted 7 passengers including myself abord departing Roscrea.

Again, yet again, the train was late, 10 mins, departing Roscrea. We skipped Monesterevin and still arrived late, getting into Heuston at 8.47.

I'll be on it again soon. But those are the figures, and skipping stations to try and get in on time isnt on.

on the way back, four brave souls on the 19.15, which was held up for the 19.20 from cork, which was itself late at 19.25. Spot the problem? That 19.15 isnt, obviously, supposed to link with the cork train. Of course, nobody transferred.

so, an unscheduled and unadvertised conenction? For what reason, surely not political.

anyway, I'll miss the 2700's they are warm if nothing else. Lonely, though.

comcor 17-04-2012 11:33

That delay yesterday managed to make the following Cork, Limerick (via Thurles), Galway and Westport trains late.

Someone really needs to get a grip on it.

dowlingm 17-04-2012 13:36

sorry to bring this up again but has anyone confirmed what IE are up to on the Saturdays of the closures, i.e. since the 1705 ex Limerick is a bus are they shunting ex Dublin to the Branch to do the 1915 ex Ballyb?

{I only ask on the grounds that it shows once again IE can do all sorts of things when they can be @rsed}

Thomas J Stamp 17-04-2012 14:11

presumably so, in fact its not that big a diversion to run a bus from the 1800 along the route portlaoise/borris-in-ossory/rathdowney/templemore/thurles it will pass ballybrophy station that way.

doherty jack 18-04-2012 07:16

E10 single from dublin to any of the nenagh line stations!! or visa versa

Thomas J Stamp 18-04-2012 09:47


Originally Posted by doherty jack (Post 67485)
E10 single from dublin to any of the nenagh line stations!! or visa versa

how random. if i didnt know you were a real person i would have thought that came from a spam bot.

can you enlighten me?

its not on the IE wesbite, you cannot book online.

its not advertised in Roscrea Station, day return fare on monday, inclding LUAS/Bus, was €27.70.

over to you.

doherty jack 18-04-2012 19:49

you can book online from nenagh somehow on the website ! - search Dublin heuston to any Nenagh line station :10 euro!:) it is advertised on Tipp FM

ACustomer 18-04-2012 20:10

I tried booking Dublin-Nenagh for April 25: all single fares were €10. This included at least 2 journeys via Limerick. If you try to book Dublin-Limerick on the same day, the Dublin-Limerick Journey is €20 or €30 (approx).

This is madness. Ordained by Alan Kelly?

Traincustomer 18-04-2012 20:27

Having gone through the online booking process Nenagh - Dublin is bookable online for €10. The system would have allowed me to book for tomorrow morning's early bird through train and collect my ticket at Nenagh station. On the face of it it seems to suggest a ticket vending machine has been installed. A more likely scenario is that the station booking office has those A4 ticket sheets which were widespread two or three years ago so that they can pop a sheet in the printer and print off the ticket. Then it's just a matter of pressing the perforations to get the ticket from the sheet. If this is indeed the case for Nenagh ticketing it should be possible to do likewise from Roscrea.

In the reverse direction it is possible to book Heuston to any Nenagh line station for a tenner.

So €22/€23 return (including mandatory transaction fee of €2 plus possible extra €1 fee depending on card type used).

All very well this being available but would suggest the group make appropriate representation to IÉ and insist on the promotion being put on the website and Facebook etc...Tipp FM will tell customers originating along the line but the hypothetical Aunty Mary in Dublin thinking of taking a trip down to the in-laws or the casual Dublin-based day tripper is unlikely to know of it. A few posters should be put up around Heuston advertising this fare. Hope this will be of help.

PS: 25% off online bookings until midnight tonight.
Use the following code FB1350 (Source IÉ Facebook page). (Had a scout around the forum but this doesn't seem to have been mentioned already).

Only saw it a few minutes ago.

Mark Gleeson 18-04-2012 22:18

Given the numbers there really isn't anything which is going to make a change sufficient to drum up business.

For legal reasons we cannot speculate as to how this came about but clearly a higher power is pulling strings.

The 10 euro via Limerick will be knocked off the system ASAP

Thomas J Stamp 19-04-2012 15:07

2 Attachment(s)
check out the attachments I just took snaps off from the IE website.

spot the difference?

this offer may exist, but it is very difficult to find. :eek:

Colm Moore 19-04-2012 15:50

I think that is down to being able to collect your tickets in Dublin.

comcor 19-04-2012 16:31


Originally Posted by Colm Moore (Post 67524)
I think that is down to being able to collect your tickets in Dublin.

It shouldn't really make a difference though.

On Monday I travelled Cork-Dublin, but I collected my ticket in Wexford on Friday evening (long story).

That's what the dropdown where you select which station to collect from deals with. After all, it doesn't make a difference to where you actually pick it up from. I'd said I was picking up that Monday ticket in Cork.

Mark Gleeson 19-04-2012 16:48

The system will not let you book if the station you are starting from lacks ticket collection facilities which is completely logical and avoids all manor of potential problems

The drop down list is the list of all possible collection locations, you can collect at any station with a ticket machine regardless of your initial choice

comcor 19-04-2012 17:18

It would seem more sensible to pop up a warning that tickets can't be collected from the source station. That way anyone who wanted to book a ticket from Roscrea but who was able to pick up in Dublin, Limerick etc. wouldn't be excluded.

Mark Gleeson 19-04-2012 17:30

Thats fine, but people don't read the instructions and then you have a problem.

All well and good later saying but the website told you that, its far better avoid the problem in the first place.

For the majority collecting somewhere else is not practical, and even suggesting it is not going to go down well

Colm Moore 19-04-2012 19:27

How about the ticket checker gets both tickets printed out at Limerick before he leaves and people can collect the ticket on the train. :)

Thomas J Stamp 20-04-2012 09:00

this is all very well, but the reality is that if i hadnt thought of looking messing about with the website, and just looked for a plain old return from roscrea (picture one) i owuld not know about the 10 euro fares.

also, say i decide i want to collect my €10 ticket from roscrea to heuston, the only place i can do that is heuston. Do you honestly think the ticket collector on board will buy that, when he is selling tickets? My refusal to take a ticket off him is an offence and so i get the penalty fine. Even if i can convince him, i still when getting to heuston have to do the same trick at the ticket barrier, then presumably have to print and produce the ticket to whoever i convince to allow me through.

all at 8.45 when i will have been presumably been delayed by the train and then further delayed trying to sort out this mess.

Thats the reality. To quote Napoleon at waterloo when seeing the prussians, as far as i am concerned this promotion may as well be on the moon.

Thomas Ralph 20-04-2012 09:41


Originally Posted by Colm Moore (Post 67530)
How about the ticket checker gets both tickets printed out at Limerick before he leaves and people can collect the ticket on the train. :)

I'm with Colm on this one. In all seriousness actually. Bit of blue-sky thinking is needed.

Thomas J Stamp 20-04-2012 10:43


Originally Posted by Thomas Ralph (Post 67540)
I'm with Colm on this one. In all seriousness actually. Bit of blue-sky thinking is needed.

ha ha ha

i'm off to lie down now.

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