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Billy1978 19-06-2016 15:59

Ashtown - Pearse 08:25
Hi folks:

I'm currently considering a move to Ashtown (currently on Dart line) but concerned about the rail commute. Not so much the distance, but the morning rush hour crush. I've heard that the train dep Ashtown at 0825 is often jammed, sometimes to the point people at Ashtown cannot board. Is this true? Anybody here make that journey regularly? Any insights welcome. Thanks.

Inniskeen 20-06-2016 06:49

Firstly to be pedantic, Ashtown is not on the DART line, but is served by Maynooth and Dunboyne/M3 diesel powered commuter services. The peak service is comparable in frequency to DART although off peak and weekend frequency is limited.

The 0825 from Ashtown would be one of the busier services and you should not expect to get a seat at any time of the year. It can be very busy during the peak commuter season from October to mid-December and again from early January to April/mid-May. It would be very rare not to be able to board the train unless the service is disrupted in some fashion.

You should have the option of changing onto the LUAS from the end of 2017, an option which might give you a quicker transit time depending on where you wish to go.

James Shields 20-06-2016 15:22

I suspect the OP was saying they are currently on the DART line, and moving to Ashtown.

If you're used to DART commuting, I don't think you'll notice a lot of difference on the commuter trains (the DART is pretty crammed by the time it gets to Dun Laoghaire at 8:25 too). You shouldn't normally have any difficulty getting on, but don't expect a seat. If you can get one of the M3 Parkway to Docklands trains, they will me much less crowded.


James Howard 20-06-2016 16:20

I work with somebody who comes in from Ashtown and he has terrible problems getting on to the Docklands train that gets him in for 9 as they tend to use 22k Intercity trains and people won't move down the carriages. He eventually gave up and started taking a later train.

I don't think he has any particular issues with boarding the train for Pearse as they generally use the right train for the job for this service.

Inniskeen 20-06-2016 17:53


Originally Posted by James Shields (Post 77836)
I suspect the OP was saying they are currently on the DART line, and moving to Ashtown


Yes, I did misread the post !

Billy1978 23-06-2016 17:23

Thanks for the feedback folks. I went out to Ashtown yesterday morning and did the commute on the 08:25 to Pearse, just to see. Very busy alright, but possible to board. Of course, the schools/colleges being out (or almost out) is probably not an accurate reflection on the rest of the year.

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