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ThomasJ 15-02-2011 15:47

FG Launch Manifesto
So FG have launched their manifesto

Details for public transport here



21.1 Public Transport
Nationwide Bus Competition: We will completely overhaul the bus market in Ireland by introducing competitive tendering for all bus routes in the country as soon as practicably possible. More operators will provide more routes and services to the public and at a cheaper cost to the taxpayer and passenger.

Community and Rural Transport Services: We will maintain and expand the rural transport network as a reliable and sustainable transport service that is vital for rural communities. We will also deliver betterservices by integrating the school transport and non-emergency HSE transport with the Rural Transport Programme locally as much as is practicable.

Rail Services: We will support the expansion in range and frequency of high capacity commuter rail services, particularly Metro North and the Western Rail Corridor, which will be subject to a cost benefit analysis by independent experts. We also recognise the need to maximise the integration of our public
transport services through route management and integrated ticketing.

Rail Electrification: Fine Gael supports the electrification of our rail network and will pursue further electrification subject to the availability of finance. Priority will be given to the electrification of the Maynooth to Dublin and Kildare to Dublin suburban rail lines.

Public Transport Safety: We will create a single transport safety body comprising the Road Safety Authority, the Railway Safety Commission and the Maritime Safety Directorate.

Roll Out Park-and-Ride Facilities: We will develop Park & Ride facilities as local transport ‘hubs’ with some local services beginning or terminating at the facilities. We will direct the National Transport Authority to take advantage of existing State lands to develop these facilities on major public transport routes into major urban centres.

Taxis: We will review the Nine Year Rule and will look at options to encourage existing taxi licensees to upgrade to new emission friendly vehicles. We will subsidise the upgrade of wheelchair accessible taxis. We will direct
An Garda Siochana to robustly enforce taxi regulation through a national crackdown on illegal taxis.

Public Electric Vehicles: We will carry out a feasibility study to examine the possibility of replacing most
government vehicles with electric vehicles.

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