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Traincustomer 14-02-2016 18:46

Local Link bus to/from Dromod station
In recent weeks a Local Link bus service linking Ballinamore and Mohill to Dromod railway station has been introduced.

The timetable is as follows:

Ballinamore Allied Irish Bank dep. 07.00
Fenagh dep. 07.10
Gorvagh dep. 07.20
Mohill dep. 07.30
Dromod railway station arr. 07.45
(connecting with 08.00 train to Longford/Dublin)

(connecting out of 18.57 train arrival from Dublin & 18.59 arrival ex Sligo)
Dromod railway station dep. 19.10
Mohill 19.25
Gorvagh 19.35
Fenagh 19.45
Ballinamore 19.55

Both the morning and evening service operates Mondays to Saturdays inclusive.

James Howard 14-02-2016 19:40

That sounds like a really useful service. Let's hope it does well as we could do with some more connections like this. Irish Rail should be paying them a couple of euro for each passenger they deliver onto the train.

Traincustomer 14-02-2016 19:51

Indeed let us hope so. This is a service IÉ could promote too via their social media & website.

Jamie2k9 14-02-2016 20:24


I suspect the vast majority of passengers delivered will deliver nothing to Irish Rail in terms of fares so paying an operator for a privilege of a bus service may well cost IE.

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