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Mickey H 17-02-2018 15:19

More rubbish form politicians
I'll be surprised if anything gets built:


Thomas J Stamp 20-02-2018 13:11

although im not willing to meet Derek's old bet with Barry Kenny of walking the track playing his banjo in the nip if Navan was ever built, I pesonally think this is all just a pipedream.

i count 4 metro north annoucnements. i think the superbus route has had only three, so that'll be re-announced in the next 2 years.

platypusparcel 23-02-2018 12:21

This is a section in a 144 page document that can be used on the campaign trail.

Shane Ross, Pascal Donohoe and Eoghan Murphy are all ministers who can say this metrolink thingy is being brought to their areas.

What the capacity on these new metros? also does anybody know the capacity on the DART EMUs?

James Shields 23-02-2018 14:04

The capacity of a DART car is approx 50 seated and 150 standing, so an 8-car unit could potentially carry 1600 passenger. If IE ever achieve 10 minute frequency, the line capacity would be 9600 per direction per hour.

The original 30m Luas had a capacity of 256, and the current 40m units have a capacity of 358. I can't find an official capacity for the new 55m units, but a back of the envelope calculation suggests it would be close to 500. I also haven't seen capacity figures for Metro, but I believe it's planned 70m trams would be used, so I would guess these would have a capacity of around 650. At 3 minute frequencies, Metro should have a capacity of 13,000 per direction per hour. You would need to get the DART up to 8 trains per hour to come close to that capacity.

Goods 28-02-2018 18:39

The longest journey begins with first step and in the case of rail commuting in Dublin the plan is a first step in getting support around the idea.
Today in the snow rail has again shown itís worth in Dublin itís a necessity including because Ire has signed up to the UN 2030 sustainable development goals and while we can break promises at home we are ashamed to do it abroad.
Arriving in Dublin Airport and being met outside on a rainy day by the bus chaos in the car park is really FR. Ted stuff and we need to enter the 21st century on this one, letís give the plan a welcome and hold the politicians to it.

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