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Oisin88 01-08-2007 19:23

Daa-aa-aaay at the Races
The 7:10 Heuston to Galway had tablecloths and crockery on all of the tables in the carriage I usually sit in (second from the back of the train) this morning. No reservation signs or anything, but it was obvious that some posh people were being dined on their way to the FF tent or such like in Ballybrit.

Anyway, why did they pick a carriage 4 carriages away from the kitchen/cafeteria?
Why did they need a full carriage for 34 passengers?
Why did the trolley man not want to do his trolley at all?
Why did he start at the back of the train and take much much longer than usual (Hadn't reached the 4th from the back carriage by Tullamore (1:10 out of Heuston)

I really could have done with coffee this morning.

Giggled when I heard one of the table service people tell the rail gourmet man that there was no salt on the train.

Anyway, how bad are these people at organising simple things and do they really care that little about the regular customers?

Colm Donoghue 01-08-2007 20:11

I presume the answer to your last questions are :

Thomas J Stamp 02-08-2007 09:13

Yes, indeed, sounds like someone reserved the carraige and they got the trolly first - as for the plebs, well, feck you.

Did you happen to see if there was real food for them or was it just the O'Briens on wheels effort?

dowlingm 02-08-2007 15:42

Given that this is now an outsourced service, is loading the train an IE thing or a contractor thing, and thus does IE have come back when the contractor screws up?

Oisin88 03-08-2007 15:52


Originally Posted by Thomas J Stamp (Post 23931)
Did you happen to see if there was real food for them or was it just the O'Briens on wheels effort?

I wasn't paying attention to what rail gourmet were bringing down on trays. Didn't look like that much though. The way the tables were set looked like it was a full breakfast.

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