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kilman 15-01-2007 16:40

More carriages for the 17:10 DUB-ATH?
I'm probably farting in the wind here but any chance that IE would keep the 17:10 DUB-ATH at a 6(or even 7) carraige coach. Up to last week the train is always (barely) standing room only and now with the addition of the Monasterevin stop(another 30 passenger maybe) it will be all the more crowded.

Not sure many Portarlington peeps will stay behind to take the 17:25 but at least its an option for some.

Mark Gleeson 15-01-2007 16:48

IE have surplus rollling stock of the matching type you should be 7 coaches and there shouldn't be a buffet coach in the mix either

Just pray the 17:00 to Cork gets moving or else the real fun could begin

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