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JohnDough 09-05-2016 10:40

No lift in Maynooth
Why is there no lift facilities at a major junction like Maynooth when even minor stations have them.

It is extremely difficult for disabled passengers never mind able bodied persons to have to drag there luggage over the antiquainted bridge there.
One sometimes has to guess which side the train is leaving from.

Irish rail come on and do something about this asap.:(

Mark Gleeson 09-05-2016 10:54

A side gate with level access is provided on the other platform. This meets the minimum legal obligation. The exit also has a leap card reader

The roll out of lifts is limited by funding

Jamie2k9 09-05-2016 16:30


The roll out of lifts is limited by funding
Not to forget local politics also dictates where they go...of course IE wouldn't admit that!

James Howard 09-05-2016 18:40

That bridge in Maynooth is a bit of a killer though. The steps are particularly steep and it seems to be about a metre higher than the older bridges further down the line.

The exit requires somebody to be awake to let a buggy or a wheelchair out. I frequently see people stuck there trying to get out while nobody is answering the intercom.

JohnDough 04-05-2019 20:55

This is totally unacceptable these days perhaps we should be lobbying our politicians to do something about this.
As for the funding excuse why are double length trains being used with virtually no passengers on off peak times typically Saturdays and Sundays wasting valuable resources and also train engines left running for hours on end particularly at Connolly /Heuston not to mention the pollution that it causes and damage to people's health.
Irish Rail management need to up their game and use their finances more wisely.

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