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Jamie2k9 16-07-2011 00:41

New Irish Rail Website
New Irish Rail website expected in September. Currently being developed.

paddyb180285 14-08-2011 22:20

I wonder what date in September the new website will be launched. Also, something will need to be done with the timetable listing convention where Commuter trains are listed as "Railcar" or where Enterprise is listed as "Intercity". Furthermore, I have always thought that the logo for the type of service making a halt at certain stations would look better than the plain text that is currently there. This would certainly make the timetable lists clearer. I can't think of anything else.

James Howard 15-08-2011 07:13

Possibly just listing the timetables in HTML would also be helpful. Trying to find the time of a train using a phone is a mess with the current site as you need to select stations with a combo box. In general the site needs a lot of work to make it work properly with a phone.

On the subject of "Railcar"/"InterCity", it would be good if it was at least accurate. For example, the 0905 Connolly to Sligo is indicated as "InterCity", but has been operated by 29k every morning I've been in Connolly for the last year.

Mark Gleeson 15-08-2011 09:14

The new website was flagged here as far back as March. I've seen the draft and its pretty good

Personalised pdf timetables are supported by the underlying journey planner system (demo of this in members area)

fiskar 18-09-2011 21:55

New to this fora but would like to add a few gripes I have with website information especially Irishrail.ie

I am trying to weigh up possible travel from M3Parkway to Docklands. So armed with my trusty laptop I went on virtual tour which ended up being a merry go round.

I wanted to know more about the ticketing process, specifically what "rolling 7 day" meant, I have an idea but wanted specifics. Could not find it on Irishrail.ie.

I wanted to find out more about the M3 Parkway and docklands station. Pure waste of time. There is not even a photo or decent map. For instance, looking at the map and even the linked maps here one cannot see the entry or exit points for Docklands. What street do you come out on!

I wanted to find out how far in metres was the nearest Luas from the Docklands station, not even remotley possible.

I wanted to find out what the distance in metres or walking time from Docklands to Stephens green, reason, to find out if getting a combined rail-luas ticket was better than the walk and how long the walk is. Again not possible.

I wanted to find out about parking, security etc at these stations. Not a chance.

A suggestion for Irishrail and the new website, model it please on the tfl.co.uk website. it gives you everything, maintenance, walking time and routes.

What I would like to see from the new Irish rail website is

Mark Gleeson 18-09-2011 22:16

The current website is a disgrace, the new website can handle nearly all of that from the demos I've seen.

It will have much greater level of information on stations, including google streetview integration. There is also completely new journey planner which also has the ability to handle addresses and includes mapping

Fare information for all Dublin commuter journeys is also in the system as is a completely revised display of fares

The station page will automatically include all relevant engineering works, delays and changes which effect services there

There is talk of a innovative multimodal journey planner as well, commercial sensitivities preclude any discussion of that right now but it has Dublin Bus and Luas routes on it as well.

In the meanwhile http://www.railusers.ie/passenger_info/fares_matrix.php

Destructix 19-09-2011 08:40


Was the best site layout they had. Plus I don't really like the way it's being re-branded in English as Irish Rail. I think they should not phase out the As Gaeilge name of the company.

Colm Moore 19-09-2011 14:38

Many people can't spell Iarnród Éireann, so having the name Irish Rail is important, especially for the website.

Destructix 19-09-2011 15:20

I get that most people cant spell it especially the Eastern Europeans. But it is a waste of money if they have to re-brand every sign every station every locomotive carriage etc. Maybe two separate websites would work. They could have all the usual info etc on IarnródÉireann.ie and buy a domain name like Train.ie or traintickets.ie to sell tickets. alot of money is being wasted re branding some parts as Irish rail and others as Iarnród Éireann and of course the customer and tax payer(subsidies) end up footing the bill for it. It must really confuse tourists it having two different logos/names.

I actually got a shocking response from them today. Shocking as in the actually agreed with a customer.

ME====Templemore station needs a ticket machine. The station isn't very well staffed at times and most people have to collect tickets in Thurles. I really think Templemore being on the Dublin-Cork line needs a ticket machine.

Iarnród Éireann===You will be pleased to read that plans for a Ticket Vending Machine(TVM) at Templemore are at an advanced stage and a new machine will be installed in the coming weeks.
The hours of the Ticket Office in Templemore are 06.00 - 21.15 Monday to Saturday,
09.00 - 23.00 Sunday

Shame the staff going missing most times during these hours. I often had people come up to me on that platform panicking that the office was unattended. And with the IRC 22000 classes mostly serving Templemore you don't see staff selling tickets on the train.

fiskar 19-09-2011 20:35

Thanks Mark for the update, offers hope and possibilities. For me the bad weather is a huge factor so will looking out for it from October.

On the website name, Iarnród Éireann is too long, perhaps though it won't be as long if it gets sold off and becomes a new entity!

Better still, keep it short and sweet like irishrail.ie or tfd.ie , short for transport for dublin ! You know where I got that from.

paddyb180285 04-10-2011 16:31

I'm not too sure if it is related to this. However, Irish Rail have advertised on their site that there is "Scheduled Downtime!". It then goes on to say that "This website will be undergoing necessary maintenance work on Tuesday 4th October 21:00hrs - 22:30hrs". I wonder if this is to do with the new website?:confused:

dowlingm 05-10-2011 01:46

Don't tell me they're going to run it on iOS 5 :rolleyes:

Mark Gleeson 05-10-2011 09:27

When its going live we will let you know

paddyb180285 05-10-2011 14:26

Thanks, Mark!:D

Mickey H 06-10-2011 17:54

As of now the entire IE website is not working. And they still refuse or are too lazy to provide a DART pdf timetable. E-Mails to IE asking why have been ignored

Colm Moore 06-10-2011 18:54


Originally Posted by Mickey H (Post 64397)
As of now the entire IE website is not working.

Its up again now.

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