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tigger1962 05-10-2007 15:41

[5-10-2007] 16.50 Dublin Belfast
as of 16.40 the incoming train has not arrived. no announcement yet. all 3 q full and a large group of cub scouts as well. seating going to be at a premium on this train

tigger1962 05-10-2007 15:50

incoming enterprise has just arrived . now we see what ie customer services does about the q chaos

tigger1962 05-10-2007 16:02

an announcment stated that there was a point failure outside conolly and delays of 10minutes..

on another note they let all the q's on at same time... and train now leaving as i write this... 17.01

Mark Gleeson 06-10-2007 12:09

Translink reported the delay as 15 minutes due to Irish Rail problems

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