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Julian989 10-11-2009 22:58

Withdrawal of direct Limerick - Dublin trains
Am I being a little blind but nobody seems to have mentioned that Limerick's direct trains to Dublin have been axed from 29th November - back to the old days of just two directs trains (remember those via Ballybrophy?) Or is the timetable just wrong? Or am I missing something?

(http://www.irishrail.ie/your_journey...erick%2010.pdf) As far as I can see the:( number of through trains between Dublin and Limerick will be reduced to just two in each direction.

Mark Gleeson 10-11-2009 23:32

Its 3 trains

From Dublin

From Limerick

Sunday which is the busiest day of the week has 6 trains direct each way. The direct trains are up to 20 minutes slower than the change at Limerick Junction.

We are concerned, however we know passenger numbers on some of the withdrawn trains were woeful, so a balance is required as empty trains mean higher fares long term. Cork passengers are the real losers as those trains have to make numerous extra stops. I doubt a case can be made for the 9:25 or 11:25 but the removal of the 13:25 from Dublin is causing some concern as it was full on a Friday.

If there is a specific train you think should not have been withdrawn and can testify to it having a significant number of passengers let us know.

neoncircles 18-11-2009 18:42

Its a shame to see some of the direct services being removed, however,

A lunchtime service to Limerick, (1325) and evening service back to Dublin (1735) were useful services,

Also, given the 1705 "express" to Limerick has been moved to 1625, and looks as if its going to be operated by 6x 22000 with first class, is the 1725 still going to be allocated 2x3 sets? The 1705 was always full any time I got it, and seeing as the 1725 calls at many more places, will it be operated by a high capacity 6 set or first set?

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