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Semanresu 17-03-2007 01:25

Paddy's weekend Special
According to the online journey planner at any rate, there are no services on the Limerick junction-Waterford line on either the 17th or 19th of march. A case of take one day off get another off free?

Derek Wheeler 17-03-2007 22:40

IE treat both days as a Sunday and as the frustrated like me know, IE don't provide a Sunday service on this route. In fact, its lucky to have a service. So that means the line is shut for 3 whole days. Great isn't it? Its a bit like someone I know, who takes the train from Sallins to Dublin for work. But on Sundays (they work that day sometimes. Think retail etc.) they had to take the car. So I hassled the life out of IE in the media and at a public meeting. Hey presto we get a Sunday service IE style. First train around 11. My mate still has to drive to work on a sunday and stomp like mad with that crabon footprint of his.

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