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Thomas Ralph 20-05-2010 18:32

A walk-up single ticket from Aberdeen to Cork costs 48.50, less than a walk-up single from Heuston to Cork (66). Routing is via Holyhead-Dublin Irish Ferries, and the journey can be completed same-day. Crazy, eh?

comcor 24-05-2010 08:46

What is the cost of a walk up single to Aberdeen from Cork? Could this be used to get cheaper single fares?

Thomas Ralph 24-05-2010 10:18

I'll try asking in Kent station when I'm there next weekend. My prediction is "wha?"

Thomas Ralph 24-05-2010 10:21

Oh, and if you want cheaper single fares within Ireland, online booking is probably going to remain cheaper :)

comcor 24-05-2010 11:35

To be honest, I've only ever bought a walk up single for a journey as long as Cork-Dublin once in my life. That was earlier this year when Cork Airport got closed by snow and I had to get up to Dublin for an alternate flight. Otherwise whenever I'd needed a single and been prepared, I used either an online ticket or a credit union ticket.

Colm Moore 24-05-2010 18:30

The trick is to go via Holyhead, via Stranraer is 70.

Eddie 24-05-2010 22:39

Cork to the Dublin ferryports should be a 20 add-on to a rail and sail price. So Aberdeen would be 20+40 = 60. If you only went to Bangor (in Wales) it would be 20+35 = 55.

Sealink 25-05-2010 19:23

It's the same here:

London - Holyhead - Dublin is 31.50 single, irrespective of time of travel.
London - Holyhead, on an anytime single is 127.00.

Thomas Ralph 26-05-2010 09:14

Travelling short is allowed in the UK, though.

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