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Traincustomer 23-09-2019 21:02

Thurles station - Local Link bus
Today, 23rd September 2019, Local Link Tipperary introduced a Thurles Railway Station - town - Newport - University of Limerick - Limerick bus route.

Numbered 391 there are three journeys in each direction daily.

The timetable may be viewed here

Mark Gleeson 24-09-2019 04:24

Not exactly trying to coordinate with the Dublin Cork train times

comcor 24-09-2019 14:35

They also have a new timetable for Roscrea to Nenagh and have gone to the trouble of printing the train times on the timetable, but there really are no good connections. The best is a 19 minute wait for the bus if you have got off the 10:05 ex Ballybrophy in Roscrea.


Destructix 22-06-2021 23:14

New route announced yesterday. Thurles to Portlaoise 3 times daily. Operated by J.J Kavanagh. Starting 1st of July 8 single, 16 return. I believe IE is 25 to Portlaoise(?)

comcor 24-06-2021 16:28

It takes 90 minutes though, so I'm sure is intended as a feeder to the two rail stations, rather than encouraging people to use it instead of the train, which is only 36 minutes.

That said, 25 is a disgraceful fare for a 60km journey.

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