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Jamie2k9 06-01-2020 09:45

Improving Reservation Reliability
IE hoping to improve reservation issues.


"While we have improved reliability of the system significantly, we are in the process of equipping a range of regional stations with new automated access points which will ensure the reservation details are uploaded automatically.

“This will happen prior to the start of the journey when the train ID is inputted in the cab, and will mean that there be less human intervention required. We will continue to monitor the system reliability on an ongoing basis.”

They added that the company is also introducing “customer service officers” across Intercity services “who can assist customers with seat reservation issues, including advising which seats are reserved, and addressing issues when other customers sit in pre-booked seats”.

Mark Gleeson 08-01-2020 09:32

This fix was done ages ago

Not all terminal stations and common starting points during engineering works were fitted with the CIE wifi units. This was addressed. When we noticed Rosslare wasn't fitted up a unit was installed. The trains can also get the reservations through the WiFi system also.

Given most of the issues reported are at 5pm on a Friday in Heuston this fix doesn't help.

We have had extremely technically detailed discussions with Irish Rail about this and have seen some improvements.

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