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Rashers 27-12-2011 19:45

Dec 27th - Sat services, with limited frequency and capacity
Same point that is raised every year without anyone in IE listening.
Was on an inbound service from Drogheda this morning (10am),and out bound 5pm service this evening. On both legs, as predicted, lots of families with kids and buggies going to Panto's. And add to that teenage shoppers on the return leg with all their 'New Look' bags. Anyhow, despite 2 hour gaps between services, both ran as 4 carriage trains. The one this evening was overcrowded to worse then week time peak time norms. The morning one was standing room only from Skerries.
Are we really that short of carriages on Dec 27th, that we cannot add an extra 4 carriage set to some of the main Northern line services?
All thoughts welcome!
Have to go into town tomorrow with family, and I am 100% driving. Overcrowding and way too long a gap between services.....:mad:

PS- thanks Mark for your piece in the IT today. Agree 100%. Overcrowding on these days just proves how out of tuouch IE are from their customers.

ThomasJ 27-12-2011 21:49

It wasnt even a saturday service! Its a sunday service today!

Last train to maynooth tonight was 20.45. :mad:

How ironic is it that darts are running a sunday service and their feeder buses run by dublin bus which dont normally run on a sunday are running because dublin bus are running a weekday service! Only in ireland!

The saturday services kick off tomorrow! :mad:

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