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outtotime 02-09-2011 10:44

Transport and The Green Party
I really wish the Green Party had not messed up so much by going into power with Fianna Fail. It's such a shame. I think they had some great ideas with regard to transport. Sensible ideas, like having better links between the motorway and the public transport network. Basically their idea was that it doesn't have to be one or the other: car or public transport. Sometimes it can't be, for various reasons, and in such cases more park and ride facilities would be great. There was also a small party called 10 Hour Fathers which were purely about transport issues. The idea was that some people have to travel so far to get to work, in such bad traffic or transport conditions, that they basically spend 14 hours of their day getting to work, working and then getting home from work, leaving only 10 hours of the day to be a father, in which time, of course, they also have to sleep. Unfortunately that party disappeared. I'm glad at least of a forum like this, where people can possibly come together and push for change. Having been used to great public transport systems in Europe for years, it is a nightmare being back here with this substandard network.

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