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Oisin88 13-11-2006 22:16

Return of the Con-Colbert-Cutting Stopover
My train home (1500 Galway-Dublin) spent 25 minutes under the bridge on the way into Heuston (1730-1755) this evening.

The excuse given was "waiting for a platform." One train exited. An empty train was also reversed into a platform while we watched. When we got in platform 4 & 5 were empty as well as 3 where we parked. I was too lazy to see was there space at 6,7 and 8.

Any idea what the real reason was? Having to wait 10-20 minutes daily to get into Heuston these days. Very frustrating. Even when the train uses up it's padding time out there it frustrates passengers and they get the "late" feeling.

CSL 14-11-2006 10:49

Mainly because you're a passenger; therefore entitled to that level of service.
[ note sarcasm / irony ]
An argument that may be put forward would be that your train needed a particular platform thus requiring less effort on part of IE staff.

Oisin88 14-11-2006 18:29

Suspect also since that my train gets to sit on Platform 3 for 85 minutes, it is not a priority to get it in.

What jammy train leaves platform 3 at 5:30ish?

Thomas J Stamp 15-11-2006 10:42

The 1730 to Limerick

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