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Traincustomer 08-08-2018 20:36

Bus Connects (integration with rail)
With roadshows underway around the city perhaps it is timely to discuss how, if implemented, Bus Connects will integrate with rail services.

It is my opinion that elements of the Bus Connects project are a substitute for proper investment in rail i.e. on some of the key corridors a rail-based (including light rail) is the ideal solution.

Anyway to the matter in hand and the following salient quote appears in the Local Brochures:


Rail /Luas Connections
A general principle used in designing the new bus network
is that, where there has been significant investment in
improving train services, it is not justifiable or efficient to run
bus services that largely compete with those train services.
Subsidised transport services should complement not compete
with each other.
In addition, as distance from the city centre increases, the rail
service will be significantly faster than the bus services, and
for a lot of people their overall trip should be shorter by train,
particularly as train frequencies increase.
So, in planning this new bus network, it is intended to enable
more people to connect to the rail system as the capacity
and frequency of rail services are improved, availing of the
integrated fares proposed as part of the new network.
From a cursory glance through the route by route listing it would appear key interchanges between rail and bus remain e.g. Dún Laoghaire; Bray; Blackrock.

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