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James Howard 06-08-2021 12:00

Booking Failures
Amazingly it is still not possible to book a ticket online between two stations on the same line where one is a suburban stop.

I need to travel between Edgeworthstown and Coolmine and it would appear that to get home Iíll have to go into Connolly to keep my seat reservation. Not to mention pay about 6 euro extra over the direct fare for a return to Connolly and a singlefrom Coolmine into Connolly.

James Howard 06-08-2021 12:29

Makes a bit of a mockery of the idea of a Rail Network. Travelling between an Intercity station and a suburban station seems to be such an edge case that their Twitter operator doesn't know how it can be done.

My local station is rarely open so booking in person is mostly impossible. TVMs don't allow Suburban stations as destinations and online booking is also impossible.

Eddie 13-08-2021 10:32

It would seem that you can't book anything on-line to / from a Dart station or the Maynooth line to other stations unless it happens to be an actual stop for the intercity / suburban train. Oddly, you can on Cork line, eg Hazlehatch to Cork, and some of these journeys require 2 changes.

They probably assume you will use a leap card for the suburban part of the journey.

From my local southside Dart station ticket machine, I can buy a ticket to any northside or southside station between Rosslare and Dundalk, but I don't know if the reverse is true.

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