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ThomasJ 21-10-2016 11:41

08.40 maynooth Connolly 8 coaches long
So I've been taking this train this week and it's been a long time since before that I've done that.

I've noticed that this train has been 8 coaches long all week. Is this a regular thing , since when has it started and I presume they are doing the same with the 7.20 ish train ex maynooth?

Mark Gleeson 24-10-2016 18:13

Its a busy train, it does run a earlier morning service as well which would also be very busy

ThomasJ 24-10-2016 18:38

Oh yeah I know , I remember when it was 4 carriages and it was horrible. I just thought they didn't have the extra 4 carriages.

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