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Originally Posted by paddyb180285 View Post
What is the meaning of that phrase padding?
Extra minutes added in between stations to ensure a punctual service

1. Reliability is much much more important than end to end journey time

2. On paper it is possible to do Bray Connolly in about 26 minutes assuming there are no other trains running and absolute full priority is granted at the level crossings, to do it in the rush hour would see at least 3 DART services cancelled (each carrying over a 1,000 people) and would result in traffic chaos as level crossings would be closed for a considerable time.

3. General punctuality on the Rosslare line is less than great which would suggest the padding is not excessive, its only when a 29k runs the service that the times are beaten by a considerable margin which is understandable since it is a much much more powerful train better able to cope with the curves and hills

4. Signalling upgrade will save several minutes on a journey
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