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Default Chap at Portlaoise


Have to rant

I commute from Ballybrophy to Park West on a daily basis.

I usually get the 07:44 (06:40 Limerick) and according to the timetable this is what I am meant to do.

07:44 Dep Ballybrophy
08:33 Arr Sallins
08:50 Dep Sallins (this is the 08:10 from Portlaoise)
09:11 Arr Park West

What I typically do for many months now is as follows:

07:44 Dep Ballybrophy
08:00 Arr Portlaoise
08:10 Dep Portlaoise
09:11 Arr Park West

Get my drift?

And this works...well except for the this morning. The 07:44 was running 15-20 minutes. The guys at Portlaoise let the 08:10 depart on time.

I asked the chap (don't know his name) why did he let the 08:10 depart when it was a connection train for Park West - I explained to him that according to the on-line timetable Sallins was a valid connection point (even though I typically change immediately at Portlaoise). Even the station master at Ballybrophy told me the 08:10 would not be allowed to leave until the 06:40 Limerick (07:44 Ballybrophy) left Portlaoise.

The chap at Portlaoise sneered at me and said I was wrong. The train driver (of the 06:40 Limerick) told him that I was actually right and that he would now have to do an extra stop to allow me to get to work.

The chap at Portlaoise said it wasn't his problem. Even the train driver could not believe his attitude.

Fair play to the train driver...he rang ahead and explained the situation and he did the unscheduled stop at Park West. I got to work about 5 minutes earlier than normal

Ok...rant over....deep breaths
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