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For me the possible winner was to have based the service in Roscrea with a based train and crew, from which there is no scheduled bus competition, rather than Nenagh from which JJK and BE compete with IE at approximately the same time. However, like Limerick Junction-Waterford, the overriding consideration of serving Dublin skews the timetable away from local service advantage since the Nenagh departure is determined by when the northbound service to Dublin reaches there.

BE Birdhill 0725 Augustinian Church 0810 (Castleconnell, Annacotty)
JJK Nenagh 0730 Albert Quay 0830 (Birdhill, UL)
IE Nenagh 0745 Colbert 0845 (Birdhill, Castleconnell)
BE Nenagh 0745 Henry St 0835 (Birdhill)

That area's transport service is locked into a timetable which is aimed at each companies own priorities rather than one which creates the best mix of fast and connecting service.
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