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Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
Travelled last week one day on the 16.25 Waterford to Linerick Junction train.

About 40-50 odd people I'd say used the service - more than I expected.

One thing that struck me was the number of Irish Rail staff I saw eg manning level crossings adjacent to the stations. How many are there for the 4 trains that go each day? I would have thought key to this line's survival would be complete automation with the only staff required being a driver and a guard to collect fares.
Yes this and Limerick-BallyB have a lot of staff required to operate crossings, signalling on these lines. Automation of crossings is circa 1m per crossing and suspect the old signalling system under local control would create problems automating crossings.

In recent years Limerick J-Tipp Town has come under central control but that was probably the easiest section to address at low cost.

The reason there is no services during the day on both regional lines is they operate a split shift, operating during the day would result in two separate shifts for staff.
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