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Interesting ... so this is why you see massive subsidies per passenger journeys on some of these lines. You bring in low revenues, in part because you only operate twice a day and you operate twice a day because you don't make the capital investment to automate the signalling and crossings.

Presumably Wexford to Waterford also relied on a similar workforce, and the high per passenger subsidy was a key reason for its demise?

Are there other higher frequency lines that rely on significant staff numbers to operate the service?

I've had a look a 2011 census and Clonmel which is on this line would appear to be one of the most populated towns in Ireland (18,000) that has an existing station but with the least frequent train service. On the other hand, for its 8,000 inhabitants, Thurles must have one of the best. My guess would be that a frequent fast link from Clonmel to Limerick Junction to connect with Cork and Dublin trains would significantly increase rail useage from the town.
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