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Default 1 hour delay to 18:05 Westport - Dublin

Just to say that tonights service from Westport to Dublin was delayed by about 10-15 minutes in Clara while we were waiting for the 19:05 to Galway to pass. It was announced and we trundled on after a while. Now heres where I am confused.

We stopped outside Geashill due to the 18:05 Galway - Dublin had broken down ahead of us. By the looks of things it was the far side of the passing loop at Geashill, and would have been sitting there for atleast an hour. Our locomotive was then disconnected and ran ahead, as far as I can tell it pulled the Galway train onto the passing loop at Geashill then re-connected to the Westport train and pulled up as far as the signal at the end of the loop to wait for a relief train from Portarlington. The total delay in Geashill was about an hour and they had 3 announcements.

On arrival into Dublin (1 hour late) IE had put in a free bus service into the City Centre. Overall despite the delay I was pretty happy with the attitude of IE and even the guy at the customer service desk was quite friendly.

I feel sorry for the Galway passengers though, over 2 hours late. Ouch!
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