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Any more news about if anything is happening about getting the line reopened? Not surprised that the replacement bus service has totally collapsed during the periods of snow; IE should have specially reopened the line over the Christmas period only as a link for the Ferry passengers.

the best way to treat the Rosslare-Waterford link is to regard it as a EUROROUTE, part of an international route for Intercity travel rather than local stops such as Wellington Bridge and Bridgetown, which could remain as request only if the line reopens. As a Euroroute, surely the line should get EU funding as a priority; after all it is us EU taxpayers from countries such as Great Britain who have reluctantly had to help fund the ruinous splurge of motorway-building in Ireland: where is the money going to come from in years to come to maintain all these new road links such as the Suir bridge or the Lee Tunnel in Cork? If road-building and Rail Routes were to have a level playing field in the EU, you would see road tunnels such as the Lee Tunnel shut down in about 20 years time as renewal costs bite!

Any thoughts about trying to get a private rail service going on the Waterford-Rosslare Route using a lightweight singe-car diesel railcar such as the very successful Regio-Sprinters or 'Regio-Shuttles' on many lines in Germany? Also, it would be best to have the service run by a partnership similar to the Penistone Line partnership in Yorkshire, England, near where I am based; this is a very successful non-heritage based group (i. e. NO steam-trains) as steam trains are an unnecessary diversion from the need to maintain a practical modern rail service for all needs.
See Cork Light Rail proposal at
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