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Arrow Rosslare Line Time Lenghts To Each Station

How long should it really take to each station on the Rosslare line. Traveling on the 19.23 ex Gorey to Dublin it was the new 22000 class train and it was the fastest journey I have ever been on. Judging the speed to each station I would say that that train could have been in Dublin at 21.00 making it 1hr35mins and not 1hr47+mins here's now -> 19.25 train leaves Gorey, Arrives into Arklow at 19.35(10mins and 1min waiting time)departs at 19.36
  • Arrives into Rathdrum at 19.52(16mins and 3mins waiting time meeting Dublin bound train),
  • Arrives into Wicklow at 20.06(11mins and 2mins waiting time),
  • Arrives into Greystones at 20.20(12mins and 10mins waiting time DART from Bray),
  • Arrives into Bray at 20.42(10mins and 2mins waiting time),
  • Arrives into Dun laoghaire at 20.58(16mins and 1min waiting time),
  • 21.10 Arrives Pearse Station(11mins)
If you knock off the waiting time at Rathdrum and Greystones 13mins then it would make it 1hr35mins
  • Pearse to Dun Laoghaire 10mins
  • Dun laoghaire to Bray 16mins
  • Bray to Gorey 1Hr
  • Gorey to Rosslare 1Hr
Making the journey time 2hr30mins But can this be done I believe it can....
  • I think the old Connolly-Bray should be restored knocking off more time not stopping at Tara St, Pearse Station, Dun Laoghaire.
  • Only Gorey Commuter services both ways both serve these stations not InterCity.
What do users on the Gorey/Rosslare Line think ?
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