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The problem there is that the Athenry-Tuam motorway has completely blown Tuam's score to pieces. Where it had 100 for lack of road competition, that is now a 0. It's score is now a rather mid-table 41.

I was always perplexed by using scores from Gateways and Hubs from the National Spatial Strategy in this as well, seeing that the designation was rather arbitrary and more suited to help local politicians in 2002 than actually develop a strategy (I mean, why was Tuam, then population 7,200 and 34km from the nearest Gateway a hub, while Navan then population 19,400 and 48km from the nearest Gateway not a hub). The assessment criteria should simply have been town population.

Bus competition was perceived as a negative, when in fact it demonstrated the demand for public transport on a route. This actually worked against the Athenry-Tuam section of the WRC though, although it made the figures look way better further north.
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