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Default [30-07-2011] Dublin - Galway/Westport

Nothing major wrong, just the usual IR confusion:
- Seat reservation displays not working
- Platform displays say the rear 3 are going to Galway but the driver says change in Athlone for Galway
- People are sitting in the wrong seats because their reserved seats are in the front 3 but they're going to Galway and assumed the platform displays were correct

In train announcements are odd
- It only ever says its going to Galway, mention of Westport even though that's where the train is actually going
- Approaching Kildare, it said it was the 8.30 from Heuston instead of the 7.30
- Approaching the second stop, it played the welcome on board message.
- Approaching Tullamore, it played the "leaving in 2 minutes" announcement

To his credit, whoever is doing the manual announcements is clear, helpful and brief.

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