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Default BE do it too

I had a similar situation with Bus Eireann a while ago. I dropped someone to Busaras at something like 0630 one morning to get the bus to somewhere in Mayo - can't remember where. I had previously checked the timetable and it was clearly timetabled as Dublin->Ballina (or wherever it was), but there was a note on the timetable to indicate a change in Athlone. Of course, most people don't read the notes unless they are particularly bored.

So, I get a call at about 0620 to say there is no bus to Ballina listed on the board, there is nobody at the information desk, there are no BE people around, etc . . .

There was a bus on the board listed as departing for Athlone at 0630 so I told them to get on that and change there. Once they got to Athlone they changed and go to their destination no problem.

As far as BE was concerned they had a timetabled service to this destination, but as far as the people on the ground in Busaras were concerned there was no such service.

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