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Originally Posted by Mark Gleeson View Post
The speed limits are due to numerous level crossings with substandard sighting distances due in part vertical and horizontal curvature. Absolutely no discretion or exemptions are allowed as this is considered a new route.

The line was never built for passenger services and combined with a very boggy foundation has serious restrictions.

The line was reopened on the cheap to keep politicians happy, the consultants report looked at basically a new line from Limerick to Oranmore but came back at 600 million to 1 billion depending on spec/route.
So I am assuming there are no plans to bring this line up to a more suitable level? Also if the line was not intended for passenger services, what was it intended for? There are no heavy industries on that line. And to me it seems like the bad shape of the infrastructure will pretty much result in no one taking the whole route to Galway and instead opt for faster bus services.
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