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The obvious solution to the paradox of overcrowding and low revenue is to limit the FTP scheme to off-peak travel. In practice this would identify a limited number of trains ineligible for FTP. There used to be a limitation of this sort on Dublin Bus, but the late Seamus Brennan was regarded as some sort of hero when he got rid of it.

With a minority Government and a useless minister for transport I can't see any such move happening (cue outrage and wailing on Joe Duffy). There is also the little problem of enforcement, and given the slack culture of revenue protection on Irish Rail that is a very real problem.
The current Goverment couldn't possibly even consider it. Its a move that would be far to costly. However, they should reform the system in terms of eligibility. Its stricter now but not good enough.

There is an increasing trend of seat reservations for FTP holders which I guess is a positive thing and will continue.

Your right Irish Rail's revenue protection is also not good enough in terms of policing it. Yes they do checks however you can roll up in Heuston or any station and purchase two free tickets and there is no evidence a second person is even traveling.

There is also this "flash the pass" mentality and staff are not really checking it for dates etc. Its unbelievable how brazen some people are and right under the nose of staff who don't appear bothered.

Morning and evening peak are wedged to the extent that its time to increase the online fares or significantly reduce the number of seats available for online sales.
Online booking has rapidly increased since the new system and you have significant amounts of students and people from commuter towns booking.

I don't think IE should change the online fare structure because it won't solve anything just damage them to much.

A working reservation system is the way to go, while improved its far from prefect.

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