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I know the numbers were much better before A.K got his hands on the timetable but they have lost these few loyal customers they had with the commuter service. It's a bit too late to restore this as many of these people have probably relocated to Limerick by now or left their jobs. Closure is just around the corner and why the hell are Iarnród Éireann just wasting more money to save it because of a gombeen photograph posing politician. They obviously know that they can not or never will be able to compete with the bus service and motorway. In times when subsidies keep getting cut every budget, they can't afford to keep this line open any more. It is a disgraceful use of tax payers money and the people in the rest of the country need to stand up and say enough. Imagine if this was the Limerick junction-Waterford line it would have closed by now. Luckily numbers on this line are a whole lot better than Nenagh and no thanks to Iarnród Éireann for that as they purposely have it as such a poor service in terms of the arrival/departure times of trains and the time the journey takes.

Waterford-Rosslare closed to obviously move subsidy's to the WRC will Limerick junc-Waterford be next to close to save Nenagh?
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