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Meanwhile they operate the Longford commuter services (over 2 hours end-to-end) with 29Ks which makes them all but pointless for anybody trying to get a bit of work done on their commute. This also takes 12 29k units out circulation for proper commuter work.

Irish Rail basically treat these services as positioning movements for Maynooth. With a minor bit of intelligence in terms of slotting them in front of M3 parkway trains, they could replace the 12 cars used for these runs with either 6 or 8 ICR cars, make them express from Clonsilla and everyone would be happier. They could even entirely eliminate the 1715 as a Longford train (make in run to Maynooth) and run the 1805 as a 7 car ICR which would split for the two morning services and nobody would miss it.

Irish Rail could actually reduce Longford commuter capacity and provide a better service. However, the need to use ICRs for local services is probably as a result of the idiotic locations where these trains are serviced.
While I agree about the need to cancel the 17.15 and the splitting of the 18.05 for the mornings would be good. IE will likely view it as:
1 - The 17.15 will need to operate to Maynooth anyway and requires a returning driver as the Longford one will need to travel home on board the 18.05 from Maynooth.

2 - The two morning services operate at such a peak time through Maynooth line they would need to schedule another services to pick up the slack from it. I don't think drivers are in a position to work more services at the minute.

3 - The stock would be freed up however from a scheduling point of view all those sets may only get an extra run at the early or just before the peak flows start so would there be massive gain in removing them off Longford services from an operational point of view.

On Thursday morning, in reply via Twitter to Simeone who couldnt board the first inbound train from maynooth, irish rail had stated that all available capacity is out.

Thursday and yesterday on my way the work, I spotted intercity railcar operating maynooth line services. There were complaints by people online who couldnt board docklands services that were operated by 22ks.

It has been quite a while since I have used the maynooth line but one thing that has stood out for me is the increase in intercity railcars on the maynooth line since I've used it.

Why is this happening ? Are there issues with 29ks? It's such a drop in capacity, to be running intercity railcars on busy commuter lines during the dublin bus strike is madness!
I don't really think you can count loading on Thursday or Friday as representative given the casual commuters using the service because of the strike. Yes I'm sure services are very busy when DB and the same problems exist but I suspect it's not to the same degree.

Since the 2800 units left Dublin quite a lot of 22k's have appeared on Maynooth and some Northern line peak hours
Very difficult to see how the 16 sets are worked heavily even with a spare or two factored in considering ICRs share the routes in Limerick/Galway area.

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