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Default 30/10/2018 Passenger stabbed on commuter train


2140 Pearse Drogheda

Incident occurred onboard and the train came a halt beyond Kilester station, unclear why the proceed to next station policy was not followed.

One person was stabbed, the attacker was then restrained by a number of other passengers.

Passengers near the incident opened a door (thankfully it appears to be on the safe side). This of course added time to resolving the issue.

Train reversed to Kilester and Gardai and Dublin Fire Brigade attended the scene, one person brought to hospital another is at the local garda station.

After a further delay the train then reversed back to platform 1 in Connolly arriving around 2340 the 2335 Pearse Dundalk was held to allow a connection.

As always the communication was exceptionally poor, no updates on the train and of course no sense in how to handle getting passengers home. Great idea to send the train into platform 1 and not 6 at Connolly.

There is an unconfirmed report that a number of people hopped across the tracks at Connolly to save the long walk from platform 1 to 7.

Due to the lack of communication and confusion many left the train at Kilester and struggled to find a way home.

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