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Originally Posted by Traincustomer View Post
I note the overall anticipated cost is 3.5M.

Has a subway been costed? While it would cause very short-term disruption in the construction phase long-term it may be markedly cheaper (no lifts to maintain).

The planning application doesn't appear to be online yet and it is unknown if the footbridge will be protected from the vagaries of our weather!
Most foot bridges are protected from the weather. I am going to assume the high capacity lifts are like those you see in airports or on the Tube.

A subway would likely cost more as a lift would still likely be installed as well.

Corks station entrance which already had a subway cost 3 million for not very much when you think of it.

Where are the B platforms in heuston
The platforms are been spit and dependent on the train size and location on the platfrom it will either be Platform 2, Platform 2a or Platform 2b etc

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