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Originally Posted by KSW View Post
I thought all Sligo services where operated by IC Railcars. If the 09:00 ex Connolly is a 22k then the evening Gorey will be a 22k. Well in that case all Sligo services are not IC operated are they and IE are giving its passengers false information........

Its not the time but its the fact that it was'nt a new train..
A few points arise.

1. The Intercity Railcar will be introduced when they get the staffing issue sorted as this trian in effect runs from sligo.

2. I have massive expirance of these trains now. Along with some others (not members of RUI) I say these trains will be in need of a very quick mid life refurbishment. Leaving aside my feelings on their drabness, they are clearly sub standard compaired to the CDE. After a few years of them the only differnece with a 29K will be the location of the doors.

3. Your font is giving me a headache.
We are the passengers
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