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Default Overcrowding and injury

If a train is overcrowded (which always seems to be the case these days) and lets say you seriously hurt yourself standing in the corridors/gangways, wouldn't Iarnród Éireann be liable for any medical expenses etc that would follow?

I seen a girl few days ago hit her head on a 2700. (as there was no seating in both coaches we where standing in the part where the bicycle racks are)

She wasn't seriously hurt luckily, but it was obviously a very sore bang in the head. She assured me she was ok though.

But anyway back to my question would they be liable for injuries if she broke her jaw or nose etc?

The overcrowding seems to be on the rise again. If the EU can tell a airline it can't carry more people in a aircraft than the seating capacity or the government can tell us we can't carry more people in our cars/buses than available seats/belts then surely these rules can be enforced in coaches and more importantly DMU's (which are 9 times out of 10 overcrowded)
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