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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
Curious as to what 2700 class operated service was so full as to necessitate passengers standing ? I presume it was a Limeick/Limerick Junction or Limerick Junction/Limerick service.
Yes it was the 16:00 Limerick-Limerick Junction.

Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
You don't say how the bang to the head occured. Was it as a result of some sharp stop that resulted in them tumbling? When you say "liable for injuries", is your inquiry about rectifying the medical condition that occured or seeking compensation over and above this?
It normally shakes from side to side the 2700 they are hard to stand up on especially a part of the track before Killonan Junction. And she was holding on to bicycle rack too so they cant just say she lost her balance. Would seem unfair if she seriously hurt herself cause of their stupidity not to run larger trains at peak times and its technically them at fault that they didn't give some part of any loss/injury she would have incurred and plus i would be witness that it wasn't her fault.

Never mind she was a really attractive looking woman you think one the guys would have got up and let her sit down. I think it was 2715-2716 could be wrong. If they added 2751 or 2753 to this making it 3 car or just used a 22k this overcrowding would not be a issue.

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