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Default Dublin Eastern bypass 2030

Not too sure is this the right place to say here goes.

After the airport line is finished and up to Dart standard build a railroad from the airport line to the Belfast line and send every second train from Belfast down the airport line then extend a line easterly toward the coast. Turn the line to build Ballydoyle station then drop the station underground and tunnel under Sutton station.
Upgrade the R123 road and place it above the descending track to create the bypass road.

Build a wall from Sutton dingy club to Bull island with a gate and move a dredger in behind Bull island and dredge a cut and pile the spoil against the Sutton wall to create a drydock facility to build 100 thousand ton modules with the road on top and the railway underneath.

Float the modules behind the dredger and demolish the causeway and demolish part of the sea wall to extract the dredger. Place the modules hard against the Sutton tunnel and create the bypass it needs to be 8 meters down. And build housing above.

Stations are West Killbarrick, Causeway, Dollymount, and North Wall for this section.

Split the lines at North Wall station and extend the line to Clontarf slipway and baths and connect to docklands station. the road connects to the M 50.

The other line dips down to 15 meters and goes under the shipping lane passes just outside Polbeg power station to create south wall station and rises slowly to Bootertown station to create the foundation of a sea wall so that the area behind the wall can be backfilled to create more land.

The road connects at the R 131 .

After the bypass is finished use the drydock to build the Ireland Wales fixed link.

Pipe dream I know.

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