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Well, in Germany, nobody has free wayfare on trains. Only folks with heavy bodily halts have free train wayfares. Others have to pay the ordinary fares. During the last years, they have begun to grant a bit lower fares for low-income folks in some swathes. Germans cannot dream of 25% of folks getting free wayfare on train. Those who have free wayfare due to heavy bodily halts make up perhaps 5% or less. The welfare framework in Germany has many lacks for the folks who need it. But the Irish should think about taking at least lowered fares from low-income folks, like setting 15 Euro as the highest for a two-way ticket or a fastened monthly fare for the whole train network. Free wayfare for many folks may lead to a view that forgets the costs for the framework and taking it for granted. In Germany, low-income folks can only rarely wayfare long stretches as the fare framework bethinks little those with low income.

Another shadow in Germany is the thing that the score of trains and trams has been heightened very much and dearbought goalworks in townish swathes within the last years. But this means many costs which again has lead to steadily heightened fares while lowered fares for low-income folks are in the very beginnings.

Yes, Ireland is thinner settled than Germany and other lands in Europe. On the other hand, the busses and trains in many lands on mainland Europe are making their way in a tougher network which means more work for the running business.

In Germany, there were rail lines with only a few trains a day, too. But when trains every hour were brought into work in the 90ies, the lots of wayfarers have manifolded. On some lines which have had since long trains every hour or more often, they have overdone with the morening of trains as I have said above.

The best byspell for very odd online fares is looking at those for, let┤s say, Dublin to Galway and Galway to Kerry. For the first, there are tickets for 15 Euro, while for the latter, there are only tickets for above 50 Euro. This cannot be right. By laying the fares as to kilometer zones, this would not happen. Yes, I believe that some wayfarers would take the train for wayfares not from and to Dublin if they could get truly cheapened tickets for these links, too. This is true all above for tourists. When I had got a 10 Euro ticket for the train between Limerick Junction to Tralee, I had booked this train and moreover had bought an ordinary Galway to Limerick Junction ticket. But when Bus ╔ireann so much cheaper, I had not taken the train even if I like more to go on train. And I may not be the only one to handle it like this.

This would not be a mass of wayfarers, but better to get some folks into a train than nobody at all. Well, the former framework of 10 Euro offpeak fares is good to fill trains in offpeak times.

For steads farer from a train line, Ireland could learn from other lands in Europe and set up more bus lines linked to the train timetables and busses and line taxis by call for thinly settled spots. This will fill trains, too, and lessen wayburden jams in cities and towns. Some folks may give up their car if bus and train are cheaper and are going often enough.

I belive that trains in evening hours would well be filled if the timetables of all lines would be outstreched, let┤s say, up to 11 p.m. on all lines. These trains could be run as one-unit trains for the sake to spare fuel.

I believe that Irish and German rail can learn from each other. German rail could better the getting of cheapened fares and set up lowered fares for all with low income as well as treeting all train wayfares above, let┤s say, 30 km, as far-span link with far-span pricing with cheapened tickets. Irish rail could learn from German rail and others in Europe by setting up a framework of hourly and two-hourly trains on lesser brooked lines with busses and line taxis by call linking up with trains throughout the land.

Last but not least, a rail card as well for folks above 25 years would bring more wayfarers. This is working in other European lands quite well as way to bind customers.


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