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Platform 3 is easily accessible when you are coming into Thurles from Cork/Limerick side of the track and there are always locomotives and ballast tampers on it and that track was recently relaid back in 2006 wooden sleepers were removed, so safety/weight restrictions on using it shouldn't come into it. Only trains I ever seen pulled into it in 23 years going to that station was a 22k.

The GAA specials Dublin vs Limerick last year. A 3 car 22k GAA service came into Thurles (unusually on the opposite side of the track from Dublin because a few sets of 2700's followed by a mk4 a short time later were using platform 2) the 22k train pulled into platform 3 after it let passengers off on platform 1. The 2700 sets pulled into a siding just past the shed.

The chaos and frustration these GAA specials cause for locals trying to get the train. Delayed my train by 15 minutes because the 2700 took 10-15 minutes unbelievably to leave the platform and pull into the siding.

To add they also need to open the large gates when these GAA passengers leave the train. They nearly stampede you coming out the small gate. Also some passengers are intoxicated and abusive leaving the station.

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